设计, 写, and use lesson plans; teach ESL classes to middle school 学生 through lectures, 讨论, and demonstrations; implement appropriate instructional and learning strategies, 活动, materials and 设备 to ensure comprehension of learning styles and student needs; establish clear objectives for all lessons, 单位, 和项目, and communicate these objectives to 学生; prepare 学生 for ESL related competitions and standardized tests; coordinate after school and/or extracurricular 活动 as assigned; employ technology practices to strengthen the instructional process; help 学生 assess and enhance their study methods and habits; produce formal and informal testing to evaluate student success; prepare classroom to enhance learning and to aid in physical, social and emotional development of 学生; control student behavior in agreement with the student handbook; ensure necessary and reasonable measures are taken to protect 学生, 设备, materials and facilities; provide input on book, 设备 and material selection; establish communication rapport with parents, 学生, principals and teachers through meetings and conferences; gather, 管理和维护所有报告, records and other documents required; be active in faculty and professional meetings, 必要时召开教育会议并协助职员委员会.

英语专业硕士学位, or ESL plus Minnesota State teaching license in ESL required; M-F,40 hrs/wk; Send resume (by mail only) to Murat Oguz, 明尼苏达数学和靠谱点的网赌平台学院,东詹克斯大道169号, 圣保罗, MN 55117.



明尼苏达数学与靠谱点的网赌平台学院自2014年成立以来一直呈指数增长. 在短短3年的时间里,靠谱的赌博大平台的学生已经超过500名从幼儿园到8年级.

由于家长和社会的需求不断增加, 靠谱的赌博大平台董事会不仅决定增加小学的课程, 但也有一个很大的飞跃招收学生到九年级 2017-18学年. 此后,靠谱的赌博大平台将继续每年增加一个年级,直到12年级.